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Is the Concept of Modern House Interior Designs Fading Away?When we talk about designing our home, what comes to our mind? What colors should we choose, and which design theme to go or? Which curtains to shop for and lots more? The most important among all these is choosing a theme for house interior designs. For the past four decades, western designs have been dominating the industry which was based on the concept of minimalism. It led to sleek, geometrical patterns, a neutral palette of colours and the use of soft tones in most of the houses. But, from the past 4-5 years this trend is making a shift towards new interior design concepts. These concepts have focussed on blending the two basic ideas– the increased functionality of the space and making warm vibrant spaces. In this blog by Interior Design Wala, we will learn about such themes that are continuously getting the love of people due to their fresh ideas rather than repetitive modern designs.

Interesting House Interior Designs That Are Taking Over Modern Designs

1. Choose Clutter Core Theme to Flaunt Your House Interiors

This is the brand new concept in interior designing which outrightly rejects the concept of minimalism. In this theme, the house is designed with maximalism i.e. flaunting the intricate designs, beautiful wall colours, lots of accessories and popping designs. So basically this focuses on making lively house interior designs. This is to be noted that these designs are implemented in such a way that this doesn’t hamper the functionality of the space.

2. Bohemian Theme House for Free Birds

The bohemian theme have the concept of unconventional design themes that make the rooms look eye captivating and ad an element of focussed transition in the house. In a large room interior design it can include a large mural design, full wall art design etc. Use of colourful lights and abstract design art/ wall paintings.

3. Eclectic Theme Out of the Box Designs

The eclectic theme is generally a mixture of designs that don’t necessarily fit with each other. This theme contains a wide variety of designs and ideas. You can choose to bring together various artforms, mixture of colours and varied textile prints on curtains, upholstery to make the pace look more vibrant and colourful.

4. Traditional Indian Theme that has a Love for Colours

This theme bring back the royalty in houses as used to be in the old goldeen era of nobles. In India due to varied cultures, this theme becomes very important in terms of variety in homes. In contrast to modern theme, this include beautiful and intricate design patterns with carvings, mouldings, POP work etc. The bold colours, vintage lamps, royal chandeliers etc  are an important feature in this type of interior theme.

5 Ways to Use Colours Elegantly in Any Room Interior Design

1. Dynamic False Ceiling

If you can bring colours to your false ceiling , this is the most beautiful manner in designing a non modern thematic house. Choose to add colourful POP work, adding glass murals, coloured lightings in the grooves. In this type of wall design always cut the extra brightness of POP colour by adding white to the borders.

2. Curtains to Set Mood

One of the easiest way of adding colours to the your beautiful room interior design is by adding colourful, patterned curtains for your homes. The best part with this is you can eventually make changes in the colours an give a new look to the home everytime in avery budgeted manner.

3. Vibrant Fabric Furniture to Elevate Spaces

If you are choosing the above described theme, the furnitures play a very important role in this. You can play with a themetic fabric furniture for living room or play with, multiple colours in the dining room. Add patterned headdbacks in bedrooms.

4. Painting Vibrant Accent Walls

One of the most important object that bring vibrance and elegance at the same time in homes is the accent walls. These walls bring an aura to the homes when designed by a professional help such as Interior Design Wala.

5. Accessorize with Colourful Accessories

One of the smartest way of adding colour to any house interior design is by choosing colourful accessories and home decors for the space. This can include the decorative items, wall hangings, paintings, and even decorative lights.

The Last Say

As we are living in an era of awakening of subconsciousness, in this era people tend to see their reflections in the house than what is more trending in the day. However, in this choice modern deigns can also make their special place but the this off beat trend is also getting popular and getting reonisiation among creative people specially. In the end, it's clear that the concept of minimalism or the modern  house interior designs are undergoing a transformation, ushering in fresh and eye catching design concepts. If you get mesmerised by the design concepts of these dynamic, eclectic, and bold themes, you are switching over an era of minimalism. These trends offer an exciting departure from conventional minimalism.


Q: What are pop colours in Bohemeian Theme?

Ans: The colours that are fiery, vibrant or have high energy such as, red, yellow, pink, green etc.

Q: What is upholstery furniture?

Ans: This type of furniture means attaching a furniture frame with cushioning, padding and adding textile to the frames.

Q: Which is best interior designer in Noida?

Ans: Interior Design Wala is the best interior designer in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad for its eed to end execution and serving Pan India with 3D designs.

Q: What does a modern house interior design include?

Ans: The modern house interior design include symmetrical designs, linear/ geometrical patterns and neutral colour pallette.


Kitchens are places where not only food is cooked but also memories are made. In modern days, when the living spaces have become small and the kitchen has taken the form of an open space that generally opens into the common living room or dining room, they need to be upgraded with stylish interiors too. Interior Design Wala comes up with the most trending list of the latest kitchen interior designs of 2024. Here, our focus will be on providing smart, working kitchen details where one can enjoy cooking as well as eating together in a cool ambience. Let’s check out these designs.

Style 1: Modular, Streamlined Glass Shelves

As in modern modular kitchens, the shape of the kitchen matters the most. If you have a peninsular kitchen style in your home, you can easily give this style to your kitchen. Use frameless or framed shutters of glass, which always increase the aesthetics of the interiors. The framed shelves can be used for keeping accessories, crockeries, planters, etc. that enhance the overall look.

Style 2: Keep it Traditional with Hand-Printed Tiles

Bring back the old-school style in the form of hand-painted tiles on your kitchen backsplash to give it a traditional look. Always remember that since these tiles have patterns in them, try keeping another area as the counter and flooring where there are fewer patterns and a soft look.

Style 3: A Spacious Snowhite KitchenWhile it can be a bit risky to keep an Indian kitchen interior all white, if done smartly, this area is no less than a heaven for the kitchen people. White brings calmness and coolness to the mind due to its soothing nature. Choose toughened glass back painted white backsplash or white base handprinted tiles so that dirt can be cleaned off easily. The cabinets can be painted in matching or contrasting colours that add elegance.

Style 4: An Earthy Wooden Touch

For an elegant and modern touch that is also close to nature, choose a wooden look. You can choose wooden look backsplash, partitions, countertops, etc. Balance the colour code with a pop colour such as navy blue, mint green, lavender, etc that strikes out the balance of texture and color. Don't forget to keep some planters for refreshing vibes.

Style 5: Playing Around Cool Color Palette

Colors play a great role in maintaining the vibes of the space. Let’ say colours like grey, brown, and yellow create an appealing war tone in the spaces, while colours like powder blue, white and mint green take you on a tour of cool vibes. This image uses a powder blue colour with a white backsplash theme. To balance out the colors, the designer has used wooden texture in the central cabinets and in the loft cabinets.

Style 6: Highlight it With Lights
When we talk about elegance, wood is always the first choice. The textures and colours it possesses naturally are unbeatable by any other element, besides this, it is also durable. In new and modern layouts, these wooden shelves and cabinets are highlighted by LED lights. By doing this, the wood gains enhanced grace and beauty. Match up this by doing a stylish false ceiling that lets us focus on loft area cabinets.

Style 7: Floating Wooden Shelves for Extra Storage

This type of design works well for island-type kitchens or in peninsular kitchens. You can use the vertical space to make beautiful shelves for the storage area. Choose either wood or glass or mix and match both for the designs. You can save the space of a crockery unit with this type of design if you have a small dining space in the house.

Style 8: Keep it Stylish with Stone and Deep Wood

Stones always look good when used in the right manner. This type of stone cladding at the counter of the kitchen, when mixed and matched with deep wood cabinets and advanced ceiling lights, brings a uniqueness to the designs. The wall highlights on the stone catch the eye and bring a stunning look to this latest kitchen interior design.

Style 9: Make it Vibrant with Different Textures and Colors

This cafe-style open kitchen takes away the heart with its various patterns and colours. Choose backsplash tiles of different colours. Use vertical space to keep the area green and fresh. Choose warm pendant lights to brighten up this corner. The contrast between the exterior of the kitchen and the interior of the kitchen makes this space vibrant.

Style 10: Design Direct From Colonial Era?

This latest kitchen interior design will take you back to the colonial era. The wooden cabinets, wide mouldings, wooden flooring and side floating shelves are made of wood. The choice of modular cabinets with matte finish laminate and vintage knobs makes it more stylish and appealing.

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The Last Say

Modern kitchen interiors offer great variations and use of modern materials in their designs. Using this type of design in modern kitchens makes them a happening place. In flats and small spaces, the concept of the open kitchen is widely popular, so a beautiful and smart kitchen adds a point of beautiful transition to the modern house, where minimalism is the core concept. So, try these new kitchen interiors for your cooking space and add some memories in your pocket with the vibrant design by Interior Design Wala.

Q1. Which is better for kitchen countertops—granite or quartz?
A. Designers at Interior Design Wala suggest that quartz is the best material for kitchen countertops, due to its non-porous nature, high durability, and cheaper cost than naturally occurring granite.

Q2. Which is the best colour for a kitchen countertop for an Indian kitchen interior?
A. Choose a black, grey, or brown kitchen top for kitchens with large spaces, while using white, beige countertops for kitchens with less lighting area.

Q3. Which type of glass can be used for kitchen backsplash?
A. Since the cooking area of the kitchen suffers from very high temperatures, it is advised to use toughened back painted glasses if planning to use glasses as backsplashes.

One of the most important elements of today’s modern bathrooms is mirror. Bathroom design is a multipurpose element that features aesthetics, functionality, and personal preference to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also practical and comfortable. With Interior Design Wala, you can  make this space as relaxing as a spa centre and as luxurious as a five star hotel room bathroom. Here, we will understand how mirrors have evolved their status over a period of time in modern bathroom interior designs. Let’s understand the contribution of this reflective surface in bathrooms.

Enhancement of Space and Light

1. Illusion of Space:

  • Small Bathrooms: One of the best parts of mirrors is creating illusions. Our expert designers advise that small bathrooms must be installed with life size mirrors so that they create the illusion of big spaces. 

2. Amplification of Light:

Aesthetically Pleasing Focus Areas

1.Statement Pieces:

2. Artistic Elements:

Functional Innovations

1. Smart Mirrors:

2. Storage Solutions:

  • Mirrored Cabinets: This again works well for all spaces, Mirrored cabinets can save space in small bathrooms, and in large spaces, these types of cabinets are used to make the area clutter-free. Thus, you can keep your bathrooms spright and span all the time.

The Last Say

Mirrors play a leading role in defining modern bathroom interior designs as they enhance space and light, create stunning focal areas, and accent the walls of the bathrooms. They incorporate functional innovations, provide design platters, and meet practical needs. Getting interiors done from professional interior designers as Interior design wala has an advantage of their technical expertise. For example, a mirror is such a small yet pivotal element in bathrooms, our designers put their sleeve up in making magical moments even in these small elements.  By integrating mirrors into bathroom designs, individuals can create beautiful spaces that are both visually appealing and highly functional. Thus, take your first step towards professional help for free to get quotations.


Q1. What is the current trend in bathroom mirrors?

A. In modern houses, people used to prefer asymmetrical and irregular shapes, and round shapes for their homes.

Q2. Where can we find the best bathroom interior design online?

A. Interior Design Wala is an online platform where you can get online design services for residential and commercial spaces.

Q3. Are LED mirrors safe for bathrooms?

A. Yes, they are completely safe, as LED bulbs do not give off any heat.

Q4. Which mirrors are best for modern bathrooms?

A. Bathroom mirrors are made of tempered or toughened glass , so they are very durable totemperature differences


As the summers have knocked on the door, we are looking for solutions to prevent heat. This is also when many of us think of executing the renovations in homes as summer breaks are on! Interior Design Wala presents some very cool stuff to beat the heat this summer. Follow these ideas in any modern bedroom interior design or make simple bedroom designs in heat-prone tropical areas. Let’s have a quick review!

Choice of colours in modern bedroom interior designs where summers last long

Colours are one of the most important parts of any interior. From walls to furniture, it is everywhere. In an expert's view, pastel colours are the best choice for heat-prone areas as they give a cool breezy appeal to the eyes and cut off the heat. There is a scientific factor behind this as move towards light shades, they reflect the sunlight as per their wavelengths of the color spectrum. 

These are pale shades of blue and pink with the softness of white and the vibrance of blue or pink. When used in bedroom interiors, it brings a coolness and breezy affair. The blue colour is often associated with calmness and reliability while pink is associated with love and romance. So couples… get a go with these colours this summer!!

Colour code

Powder Blue- #B0E0E6

Powder Pink-  #FFB2D0.


This colour is known for its relaxing properties. A softer tone of purple, when made a colour of modern bedroom interior designs with an off-white colour, gives a mesmerizing effect. This soft tone gives a silky smooth touch to the room and luxury to the room when combined with a grey colour. Lavender itself has many shades. Interior Design Wala shares hex codes of some of the most trending shades of lavender you can blindfold with, for your bedrooms.

Colour codes

Electric lavender- #F4BBF4

Lavender Blush: #FFF0F5

One of the most consistent colours that is used in modern bedroom walls is mint green. This is also a second form of coral colour that is associated with beautiful blue/green algae and corals from the depths of the ocean. This colour is great if you don’t want to accessorise your bedroom much. Simple highlights of warm lights will do well and be enough with this colour. 

Colour code

Mint Green- #98FB98

Buttercream Yellow

This is the most common colour used in homes for living rooms and bedrooms. The reason behind this is first it makes the space look due to its ultra-light tone and second this colour is very flexible while accessorising your home. Choose any shade of curtains, furniture texture and colour, and floor tilings, this colour blends well with all of them. So buttercream yellow and its shades can be used at home in any season apart from summer too.

Colour code

Buttercream Yellow- #F6EBCD, #FFF0AE

This colour also falls into the category of coral colours. One of the most interesting facts is that peach fuzz is the colour of the year 2024, as chosen by U.S. legend Pentone. This coral colour is inclined towards shades of pink and orange, which are the shades of passion, love, and commitment. The soft tone of these colours gives a smooth transformation in the bedrooms. Do not forget to pair sheer curtains on windows with these colours in your bedroom.

The different colour codes of peach fuzz refer to the intensity of the pink or orange tone you choose for the room.

Colour Code

Peach Fuzz- #FFE1A8, #FFDBB6, #FFCCA2, #FFB797, #FF9D8B

Lights to be used in simple bedroom interior design that soothes your eyes in summer.

Lights to be used in simple bedroom interior design that soothes your eyes in summer.

Lights play a very important role in any room's interiors. This could be understood from the fact that even slight rays of sunlight in the room brighten up the space. However, in interiors, the role of lighting is much more than brightening up the space. The key to lighting a room lies in the layers. These layers enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom as well as serve the multifunctionality of the room

They are the general lights that are used for actual lighting purposes. They are so important that even a simple bedroom interior design is incomplete without these lights. You can call them the main lights that have wide focus areas, that are brighter than the other lights.

If you have a study area adjoined in the bedroom, then these lights are a must for your bedroom. These lights are used in the spaces where we are supposed to do work for long hours. These types of lights include table lamps, long pendant lights etc.

These lights come in various shapes, sizes and light frequencies so that they can add a decorative feature to your accent wall. They don’t have a very wide scope of resolution and that is what makes them special in drawing the attention of the viewer to the places you want. You can add these lights to highlight the head back wall, side wall accessories etc.

These lights have gradually become part of every household and every modern bedroom interior design. They also act as ambient lighting in many places. In the case of bedrooms, these lights can be used on ceiling partitions just above the bed, near the closet area, dressing rooms etc.

These lights are specifically designed to light up the bedside tables. They are generally warm lights or come in dual intensity so that they can be used by late-night book lovers without disturbing anyone else.

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The Last Say

The soaring summer heat waves outside the home do not affect much when you have these super cool and comfy bedroom designs with you. Interior Design Wala has launched its new style theme for the summer of 2024 where you will find soothing, cool and comfortable designs theme that will superimpose the scorching heat of the sun outside. So choose the Interior design wala, choose online designing, where you can easily customise and make your bespoke design that suits your personality and mark footprints of your aura in the room.


Q1. Which type of lighting is best for bedrooms?

Q2. Which colours are used in modern bedroom interior designs?

Q3. What are dimmers?


Mirrors are a very versatile element if used smartly in home interiors. Many of us as a lame person are limited to its use in dressing areas. However, professional interior designers such as Interior Design Wala suggest versatile uses of mirrors in the home. In this blog, we will talk about how can be used mirrors drawing room interiors designs to create a luxurious and elegant interior. We will also analyse practical and vastu perspectives in detail so that you can use this simple accessory to style your home without any hesitation.

Vastu Perspective

  1. 1. Placement: 

Drawing rooms or common gathering spaces are considered the central point of energy flow, so vastu suggests, placing mirrors in the walls in a north or east direction so that they can reflect positive energy in the home. In the same context, placing mirrors in opposite directions i.e south and west should be avoided.

It is suggested to avoid sharp-edged mirrors as decoration in the drawing room. The size of the mirrors also matters, so the ratio of the mirrors in a room should be proportionate to the room size. If you are using full-length mirrors, please keep note of the dimensions of your drawing room.

  1. 3. Enhancing Natural Light

As vastu science is associated with solar energy and earth’s electromagnetic energy, it emphasises practising designs that enhance the natural light in the room. So if you have drawing room design ideas that promote using a mirror as a decorative piece, it’s good to go from a vastu point of view. 

  1. 4. Avoiding Reflection of Negative Elements

It is believed that mirrors enhance the energy of the image it sees. This phrase is correct ‘psychologically’ too. If the mirror is reflecting a messed up area, the more you will have clutter in mind, the sharp, pointed edges bring abrupt emotions, while a mirror refacing, flowers, a garden, or simply an accent wall, will enhance the positivity in your mind.

  1. 5. Mirrors in the Dining Area

In small homes and flats, drawing rooms contain dining areas, so this space wall can have use of glass. In vastu science placing mirrors in the dining area enhances the prosperity and bond of the residents. 

Practical Perspective

  1. 1. Enhancing Space

If you have a small common space, the use of a mirror wall can be a great drawing room design idea as it will create an illusion of a large space by its reflection and thus bring depth to the room.

2. Increasing Light

One of the best results of using mirrors in drawing rooms is it helps in enhancing light. Thus, this is also a part of sustainable modern drawing room interior design as its smart use in home interiors can save lots of energy.

  1. 3. Decorative Element

With modern innovations, glass which is considered a very fragile material can be used in interior design too. This element can be used either in its original form or acrylic mirrors can be used as their substitute.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to draw attention to a space. In the drawing rooms, they are quite useful in establishing specific focal points. Use them to draw attention to your accent wall, your library, or any other focal point you may have. You may also use them as dividers. 

Smart Ways to Use Oversized Mirrors in YourDrawing Room Interior Design

This drawing room design idea works well for small as well as spacious homes. In small homes, it creates a depth to the room while in large spaces it adds a focal point to the room which highlights the luxury of the drawing room.

  1. 2. As a decorative piece on an accent wall

If large mirrors make you conscious, you can add mirror decorative pieces on your accent wall, with a bright pop colour background. Some of the trending mirror decorative shapes are- round shape, abstract shape and tear-drop shape. Avoid using any sharp-edged mirror decorative in your room.

  1. 3. A complete mirror wall

If you want an exquisite look for your drawing room, you can install a complete mirror wall to style your drawing room. Trust in the interior designer's idea, nothing can be better than a full-length mirror wall in the room for an ultra-luxurious drawing room. This is because it brings great reflection of warm cove lights of your false ceiling which twinkles like stars in your drawing room. 

4. Opposite Windows

Placing mirrors near windows helps create a well-lit drawing room. In modern drawing room designs, this can be a great way to add natural light to the room.

5. Mirror Partitions

People also use mirror partitions in modern drawing room designs. It benefits in two ways, acts as an accessory to the room, and creates a smooth transition barrier in the drawing room.

The Last Say

Mirror, Mirror on the wall! This says from the fantastic fiction Snow White seems to be true to the real life, however we are using it for different contexts. Yes, your mirror on the wall will tell you and your visitors about the luxury of your home. If you are worried about its maintenance and fragility, take the help of experts such as Interior Design Wala, who can bring great design solutions with minimal budget.


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