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Vastu For Interiors

Many people mistakenly believe that Vastu Shastra only applies to a property's appearance and construction. However, the truth is that this is the maximum amount that can be used for home interior decoration. Even if your house was built in accordance with Vastu principles, ignoring interior Vastu can cause an imbalance in the property's overall Vastu.


 It is believed that how the interiors are set up will affect the people who live there. Positive and negative powers emerge, affecting the inhabitants, based on the arrangements. It is not always possible to beautify interiors according to Vastu in today's constrained urban settings. As a result, the accessories, colors, and furniture of the house can be altered in small ways to conform to Vastu.

When you design your home according to Vastu norms, remember Vastu-related tips given by nakshewala.com. which is beneficial for your home Here are a couple of alternative vital interior-related Vastu tips, for home occupiers:


  • 1. Keep away from double-dealing with a dark variety of household items and tiles in the room
  • 2. Let the reading/studying on the course be east-facing.
  • 3. One will snooze any bearing, with the exception of the north.
  • 4. Avoid faint lights wherever inside the home.
  • 5. Clean and tidy the northeast corner.
  • 6. When you're sitting or sleeping, avoid facing a mirror.

Vastu Shastra For bedroom

One of the rooms in a home where one can expect to unwind and fall asleep soundly after a long day at work is the bedroom, which serves as the house's center. Additionally, Vastu shastra, which relies on the movement of cosmic energy throughout an area to improve living conditions and foster harmony, can assist in ensuring that this sanctuary is filled with positive energy. Whenever applied accurately, these Vastu for room tips can work with your upgrade of the positive climate gathering. Additionally, colors play an important role in each bedroom. Keep this in mind before we get into the specifics of making a bedroom Vastu-compliant.


The southwest corner of the house is the ideal direction to construct a bedroom in accordance with Vastu. The direction of the bedroom: According to Vastu, you should never build a bedroom in the northeast because that's where the pooja room is. Similarly, according to Vastu, the southeast is not the best direction for a bedroom.


According to the Vastu for the main bedroom, the doorway to the bedroom should face either the north, west, or side of the walls. The south-side wall should never be exposed by the door. A bedroom with one door is ideal.


There are some Vastu tips, especially for Kid's Bedroom


There is some Vastu advice, particularly for the bedroom of a child. The direction and furniture of the child's bedroom should be west, and the door should face east. In addition, Vastu recommends sleeping in the west or southwest corner of the room to bring good fortune and health.

The right colors for a child's bedroom are green, light blue, purple, and yellow, all of which are in accordance with Vastu. Children are encouraged to move and given a boost by the bright colors. These colors improve cognitive abilities like focus and concentration.

Materials Used in the Kid's Bedroom According to Vastu, a child's bedroom should be made of natural materials like wood. furniture color must be light. Furniture and beds with metal frames should be avoided because they may attract negative energy and disrupt Vastu.

Avoid these mistakes while designing a kid's bedroom


  • 1. Avoid dark color furniture, wallpaper, or paint.
  • 2. Get rid of creaking and damaged furniture immediately.
  • 3. Don't put mirrors before the bed because they will cause nightmares.
  • 4. Limited use of electronics items because they emit harmful radiations that are not good for health.

Vastu For Toilets

The rules of Vastu are followed in the design of every part of the house, including the bathrooms and toilets. Here are some Vastu Shastra guidelines for designing a bathroom and toilet to ensure that it contributes to creating a positive environment for the entire family.


Since every room will be molded to emit positive energy, homeowners must give equal importance to each room because bathrooms and toilets are frequently the most neglected spaces. According to Vastu principles, bathrooms and toilets can become sources of negative energy if they are not placed in the right direction. It is foolish to neglect a place that receives a lot of foot traffic. As a result, when building a house, Vastu advises considering the proper direction of the bathroom and toilet. It is best not to build a restroom in the middle of the house. it's fundamental to comprehend the latrine Vastu rules to push positive energies.


A bathroom or toilet that does not follow the Vastu principles can cause financial issues, wealth loss, health issues, stress, and even minor accidents. Certain individuals plan a room and a joined washroom can turn into a wellspring of negative energy.


The direction of the toilet and bathroom in accordance with Vastu guidelines

It is believed that building the tub area in the south, southeast, or south-west has a negative impact on the health of the residents of the home. According to Vastu guidelines, the bathroom and toilet area must be in the north or north-west portion of your home. The bathroom should be built one to two feet above the ground


Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Bathroom or Toilet

1. Toilets and bathrooms should be in the house's northwest corner..

2. Construction of toilets in the southwest has a reputation for causing problems.

3. Make sure the bathroom's doorway is on the eastern or northern wall.

4. According to Vastu, the toilet seat should be positioned in the southeast or northwest. This could be set up in such a way that the person using it doesn't face east or west.

5. It might be a good idea to build the bathroom two feet above the ground.

6. If the bathroom and toilet are attached, make sure the toilet is on the west or northwest. This is frequently due to the connection between the toilet and waste disposal.

7. The bathroom must be to the east, north, or northeast of the shower or wash basin.

8. Because sharing a wall with the kitchen or the pooja room can have negative effects, the bathroom should be avoided.

9. The pipes in the bathroom must be able to access outlets to the north or east.

Vastu Shastra For Kitchen

Every home's heart is the kitchen, and everyone adores it. Vastu plays a big role in kitchen interior design. According to the Vastu shastra, the kitchen should be in the southeast corner of the house, where the fire god Agni devta lives.


Kitchen vaastu sheds light on a variety of topics; the area of the house where the kitchen is located, the direction it faces, the placement of doors and windows, and the locations of gadgets and appliances like the gas cylinder, refrigerator, and sink.


At nakshewala.com, our decor experts provide insight into various Vaastu Guidelines and explain the scientific reasoning behind each one. The kitchen will use and interpret these at your discretion.


Choose the Southeast or Northwest location for your kitchen according to Vastu:

The Southeast or Northwest are thought to be the best places to arrange your kitchen. These corners were the most popular for cooking on wood-fired stoves in the past because hot winds blowing from the southwest to the northeast could not cause fire damage to the house. Because the fireside element directs this direction, the southeast corner is also regarded as the best.


Your kitchen should not be in the Northeast. A front room that opens to other rooms is an excellent choice because it lets in the morning sun from the north and east. A kitchen is seen as a waste of space there.


According to Vaastu Shastra, the direction in which the kitchen's doors and windows should be placed is north, east, or north-east. If the countertops are positioned along these two walls in an L-shaped layout, the doorway can only be made up of the North or West direction because the South-East is considered to be the ideal location for the kitchen.

Kitchen doors should open clockwise. This helps the bulk of the population, which is right-handed.

Vastu For Pooja Rooms

The most holy place in the house is the pooja room. Therefore, it is essential to have the appropriate Vastu for the house's pooja room. Without a mandir or pooja room, Indian homes lack essential amenities. Because they are regarded as the center of positive energy and are dedicated both inside and out, these areas play an important role in our homes. According to Vastu, the Mandir is the part of the house where the energy flows to the other parts. In any case, imagine a situation in which the pooja room does not function in accordance with Vastu principles. All things considered, the pooja room may need to be fixed if it does not meet its maximum capacity in such instances

Direction Of Pooja Room As Per Vastu shastra

In Vastu shastra, the size of the pooja rooms is very important. According to experts, the northeast is the best direction for a pooja room, followed by the east and north. These bearings look promising and will bring good luck to everyone in the house.

While building the pooja ghar in your home, guarantee you are not developing it:

  • 1. Under a flight of stairs
  • 2. Prior to the main entrance
  • 3. Close to the toilet or
  • 4. incorporating a wall into a washroom or toilet.

According to Vastu, the colors of the floor and wall in the Pooja Room.

Colors have a significant impact on the atmosphere and energy of a room. According to the rules of Vastu, colors have meaning, represent elements of nature, and can be extremely beneficial to a family.


White, light yellow, and blue, according to Vastu, are probably the most promising colors for a mandir's pooja room. While white represents virtue, blue represents peace to put, complementing both incredible choices. Avoid dull varieties like dark, naval force blue, or violet in this area. We covered everything you need to know about Vastu for the pooja room in the information above. It is also recommended that you have a deck that is light-shaded. You can choose white marble or cream variety tiles for this area. Everything is covered, including the heading, variety, lighting, and positions, and that's just the beginning.