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Coming traditionally, if we think what can an interior designer do in online services? Probably you merely get an answer. But if we think critically keeping in mind the ‘science’ aspect behind interior design there’s lots more to discover in this. For any professional interior designing services as Interior Designwala, it’s important to understand the floor plan of the house. In a home interior design online service, the fusion of science and technology starts from analyzing the floor plans, which include every inch of wall/ door/ window, etc., and understanding the customer specifications i.e. the psychology of the client, making 2D and 3D sketches i.e conceptualizing and rendering of images. This process not only helps the client see an actual visual of the home but also saves from any reworking process or reworking costs as is done by Interior Designwala. 

Here I would like to quote these beautiful lines - “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us”. Interior designing is not merely decorating beautiful homes, but it’s a science that uncovers layers of art and technology at the same time. When we say science, we mean it, because it includes all elements of space management, psychology, color theory etc. Interior Designwala one of the leading aspirants in the interior design industry brings the right solutions for your home interior design online.  In this blog, we will explore one of the important aspects of interior designing i.e. color theory. What is the role of colors in home interiors? What is the 60-30-10 rule? and What are the trending choice of colors in home interiors in 2024? Let’s find out.

Role of Colors in Home Interior Design Online Services

  • Colour Therapy

Color therapy which is also known as chromotherapy is a well-known aspect of psychology. The roots of this science lie deep in ancient cultures, which say a strategic use of colors in one’s surroundings helps in healing, motivating, and increasing personal growth.

Interior designers use this science in any interior design whether it’s a residential 3 BHK home interior design, a coworking space, a cafeteria, or a cozy cottage. Painting walls with the right choice of colors helps in aligning your mood accordingly. So whether you're looking to reduce stress, improve mood, or boost creativity look at your surroundings and you will get an answer. Interior Designwala gives an accurate estimate of color schemes in its 3D rendering images that are no less than actual site images. You can hear from our clients what they say.

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  • The 60-30-10 color rule

As every individual has their own choices, the rule doesn’t focus on which color to choose, instead it’s the prime focus is on how to choose color schemes. This rule helps in maintaining a balanced approach toward color palettes. Some technically sound interior designers as Interior Designwala also follow this rule in their home interior design online services. This rule says that -

In a color palette, make the right balance of colors and make the ambiance appealing. 

  • 60% of the preference should given to dominant colours which are generally neutral colors for example- black, white
  • 30% of the preference should given to secondary colours which are a light version of dominant colours for example- cream, grey, tan, etc.
  • 10% of the colors should given to accent colors that are vibrant- blue, and yellow which are used for detailing.


At Interior designwala, this rule is kept in mind thoroughly from conceptualizing the design plan to making home interior design online 3-D rendering images of the site.

Trending Choice of Colors in Home Interiors in 2024

  • Neutral Colours as base colors

These shades are the basic ones that lack colors but can share different hues when highlighted. The neutral color palette includes black, white, cream, etc.

Benefits- Since these shades are color restraints any future changes with home accessories blend well with these colors.

Coral colors or pastel colors in home interior design online services such as Interior Designwala are generally used in making a place fresh and alive with its variety of colors.  These are the colors that are inspired by a soft touch of nature as colors of dawn and dusk, and colors of underwater life as peach, baby blue, mint green, etc. They can be used in soft lightning, layering textures, etc.

Benefits- These colors bring nature into a home's interior design, so these help people feel connected to nature.       

These colors are generally used to highlight the design elements of a neutral wall. Warm and bold colors such as deep red, blue, rustic orange, brown, etc are some bold colors used as detailing elements. They can used in accent walls, furniture, etc when designed for home  interior design online 

Benefits- These colors bring a sense of vibrance and welcoming ambiance and cut down the own tome of neutral colors thereby balancing the color in a home interior.

Some popular choices of earthy colors include teal green, burnt orange, terracotta, etc. These colors can be incorporated as modern accessories for the house, in textiles, etc.

Benefits- These colors bring a sense of security, emotional connection, and peace when added to the home interiors.

  Did you know ?

It was believed that the goal of chromotherapy, which preserved the colors reflected by sunshine, was known to the ancient Egyptians. Egyptian architecture created a variety of colored rooms to harness this energy from sunshine reflection. Later on in history, this therapy's documented and used forms—known as heliotherapy—were discovered in Greece.

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The Last Say

Designers can bring particular feelings, produce great aesthetics, and improve a space's overall uniqueness by carefully choosing and combining colors. Whether it’s a residential unit as a 3BHK home interior design or any commercial unit as a spa, people feel connected with this design element. Home interior design online services help to confidently customize their spaces by experimenting with combinations and exploring a wide range of color schemes using virtual platforms. In online interior design visualization, the choice of colors can’t be overlooked because they enable people to make meaningful connections between design ideas and actual experiences. It gives the ultimate power to transform their living spaces into reflections of their individual preferences and personalities.