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While making homes, roofs play an important role. Earlier they were known for providing shelter, hanging fans, and supporting the building architecture but as technology evolved, ceiling designs or we say precisely roof false ceiling designs have also emerged as an important of smart residential and commercial spaces.  They are called false ceilings because they are suspended below the original ceiling using wires or struts. All the outer elements are installed on these false ceilings, while wiring is sandwiched in between the origin roof and the false ceiling. In this blog by Interior Designwala, we will learn in detail about the applications of false ceilings and the materials used in them. Interior Design wala provides budgeted interior design solutions online. We will also explore some exclusive designs of commercial spaces such as jewellry showroom interior design, gym interior design, office interior design, etc. 

Various Materials that are used for Roof False Ceiling Design.

Plaster of Paris(POP)

One of the oldest and most popular materials that is used for making false ceiling is POP. Due to its flexibility and high molding capability, POP has been used for a long era for making roofs look beautiful with their intricate designs and fine detailing. They are popular as they are relatively cheaper, highly durable, and can be customized into any layout. 

Gypsum Boards

Gypsum boards are relatively expensive than POP but they are equally popular in the building construction industry, due to their quick installation time. This type of roof false ceiling design is ideal for commercial spaces a jewellery showroom interior design, where cove lights and LED lights are important aspects of interiors. Since in the original ceiling installing cove lights is a tedious process, so gypsum boards are used to save money on labor as this work doesn't require any skilled labor as is needed in POP ceilings, to give commercial aesthetics a great look.


Have you ever witnessed heritage homes of mountainous ranges? They use wooden planks for roofing their homes. In some areas, you can also see that wooden beams are used for interiors of the ceiling designs. False ceilings made of wooden blanks or boards give a very rich look to the interiors. They are also used to keep homes cool in summer and insulated in winter. They can be painted into various textures and designs and also come with traditional intricate designs. 


One of the modern innovations in home interiors is the use of PVC ceilings, they are not only a cost-effective solution but also an effortless approach to redesign your home. The diverse properties of PVC such as weather resistance, cheap cost, lightweight and durability, easy installation, maintenance, and cleaning make them a popular choice for modern home interiors as well as for business spaces such as spa centers, cafeterias, dine-out spaces, gyms, offices, jewellery showroom interior design, etc.


One another new and trending material that is used in working places is the use of metal in their false ceiling. They are generally made of steel, aluminum, or galvanized iron. Metal false ceilings are generally avoided in residential spaces as their look and feel are more practical, robust, and linear which makes them best suited for office places. For example– Open Baffle Ceiling. Their fire resistance, corrosion resistance and high reflective index are some other core properties that make them a popular choice for roof false ceiling designs in offices.


Glass false ceilings are a unique yet quite alluring method of designing contemporary roof designs. When you want proximity to nature and ultramodern aesthetics, these ceilings are what you employ. The idea of a glass fake ceiling, however, originated with skylights in western nations. These are utilized in large homes to provide an airy and spacious feeling, and in tiny homes to create the illusion of a larger space. They can also be employed to steer clear of mechanical and electrical systems. This kind of idea is increasingly common in start-ups in India where it works well with contemporary decor and creative space-saving ideas.

How it's important to use it in commercial spaces

Create Engaging Ambience

Physical locations are having trouble drawing audiences due to the rise in e-commerce and the Internet business sector. Consider this: if you can purchase the same food online, why would you go out to dine at an expensive restaurant? The answer is the ambience. Yes, indeed! Your environment has the power to improve your mood and sense of well-being. One of the crucial elements of interior design that contributes to the creation of a lovely atmosphere is false roof design. View these interior design wala designs, where a false ceiling creates a captivating space that ultimately results in more people walking in. 

Installation of lights

In commercial settings, lights are crucial. In an office setting, a false ceiling is necessary regardless of the type of lighting used—bright, soft, designer, or any other kind. The artificial ceiling's range of textures, hues, and reflections contributes to the harmony of the lighting's tones. In addition, these lights need to be installed in the roofs, which means that the original roofs will require careful cutting, chiseling, and planting. For example - In a jewellery showroom interior design you can see how beautifully lights are empaneled in the false ceilings which helps in creating a luxurious and relaxing environment for buyers.

Improved acoustics

Undoubtedly, false ceilings contribute to speech intelligibility, noise reduction coefficient (NRC) maintenance, and isolation from outside noise. False ceilings, such as grid false ceilings, also aid in sound insulation by forming a barrier between the environment and airborne sound with the use of mineral wool or composite panels. This reduces sound leakage and increases privacy. This kind of ceiling is frequently used in advertising for movie theaters, medical facilities, entertainment venues, schools, offices, etc.

The Last Say

In conclusion, installing a false ceiling not only beautifies the existing space but is a smart choice in roof false ceiling design is also needed for commercial spaces that help create an engaging environment, meet their acoustics needs, and balance the light installation in the commercial spaces. Interior design wala in its design solutions keep all your needs upright and provides intricately designed interior design solutions. Thus, for all your home interior needs, choose Inter Designwala as your one-stop solution


Q1. Does a false ceiling cut outer noise?

Ans Yes, a grid false ceiling helps in maintaining acoustics.

Q2. Which false ceiling is the cheapest?

Ans Plaster of Paris(POP) and PVC are the cheapest among all types of false ceilings.

Q3. Which wood is best for making wooden false ceiling

Ans Wood that is durable and has relatively less weather effect as- teak, timber, oak, walnut, etc is used best for wooden false ceilings. For smooth finish laminates and veneer are also used.

Q4. Do Interior Design Wala designs cover roof false ceiling designs?

Ans Yes. False ceiling design is included in Interior Designwala's design solutions. Additionally, it offers a complete turnkey solution in IDW Interiors for residential and business spaces in Noida, Greater Noida, and Ghaziabad, where Interior Design wala handles all aspects of planning and executing the project.