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Interiordesignwala.com is the one place where your all aspirations of interior designing are met potently. Here we are ensuring to tie all the aspects of interior designing, project management, technology and creativity all together to give our client’s an effective interior design practice. We are an interior designer and believe in eminence, excellence, perfection and integrity in outlining mesmerizing home interior.

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We provide online interior design services, and offer you to get your home interior done in the most easy and creative way  by our online interior designers while you relax at home. In this service we deliver complete Space Planning with Furniture Layout, 3D visualization of designs as well as it’s 2D support working drawings. It is a complete package of Online interior decorators , facilitating all the support required for your dream home interior design. Interior designing is a work to be done by a professional so let us take the responsibility and you can relax, we’ll do it for you ONLINE.

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Turnkey Projects (Delhi NCR) Turnkey Projects referred to those in which a designer handles everything from drawing designing to execution and installation as per contract. Interiordesignwala.com also offers turnkey project service in Delhi NCR as of now. In this, we will be taking care of designing portion, material selection, cost estimation, site supervision, execution as well as installation. That means you need to just handover us your aspiration and desires which you have for your home and we will make them a magnificent reality by our efforts.

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Choosing Interiordesignwala.com, you’re choosing experience. We have highly focused, reliable, creative and of course experienced interior designers with us, we are creating our excellence through our encounters with various kinds of clients, coping up with new trends and technology. So experienced and updated we are both.

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Interior designing can be very expensive if we do not follow a proper budget, hence Interiordesignwala.com makes a proper budget of the interior to be done according to your preference and stick to that. We make cost-effective designs and take care of material used in terms of cost, quality and availability.

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Interiordesignwala totally understand fears and queries when you are opting for designer, so first you can get a free consultation here to clarify all your queries and doubts. We will brief you whole procedure IDW follows to create lively interiors for its clients.

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When we take care of your budget then how can we be unreasonable in our cost. Interiordesignwala.com offers its designing and all other services at very affordable and substantial price so that anyone can get benefited by its services.

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What Does Kitchen Interior Design Include?

Kitchen is an important part of our home, it is the place where food is prepared and served by the inmates for their loved ones. So it is our duty to make it comfort and easy to use for the person who is going to spend their time in there. There are various aspects of interior designing important to keep in mind.

To start with, major important segment in kitchen interior designing process is Kitchen layout, color combination, furniture placement, and perfect lighting. Kitchen interior includes various types of storage option, color theme selection, platform layout, lighting options, and the false ceiling with electrical details.

What does kitchen layout means?

The kitchen layout is the shape to design your kitchen with the arrangement of the major appliances, counter-top and Storage spaces.

In kitchen layout there are six basic types of kitchen layouts: G-shaped, L-shaped, straight, parallel, U-shaped and island kitchen. It creates the space between the refrigerator, sink, and your stove. While designing a kitchen and choosing the cabinetry are first thing that we consider as the layout. A choose a kitchen layout based on your everyday requirements lifestyle and taste.

Types of Kitchen Layouts

We know that a kitchen layout is how important for designing a kitchen, there are lots of shaped has been used in the kitchen like:

L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen layout is one of the most useful kitchen layouts for modern homes. It offers a smooth and efficient workspace. This layout has the appliances and cabinetry be placed along right-angled walls with free space in the center, so we can move around while cooking.

U-Shaped Kitchen

A U-shaped kitchen layout is also an excellent choice for large kitchens and design with the features of side three walls that are lined the cabinets and appliances. If you live with a joint family where multiple cooks prepare meals at the same time this kitchen layout will be a great option. The kitchen cabinetry in a layout typically comprises wall-mounted cabinets fixed along all three sides with base and other additional units if it is required more storage.

A Parallel Kitchen

A parallel kitchen is ideal for small-sized homes or family or has a limited space for a single person using the kitchen. It is divided the working space, splitting into dry and wet separate areas. And it is designed with base and wall cabinets on either side of kitchen. This is a simple layout that compromises the every space for every corner cabinets.


The designing of parallel kitchen with a various cabinet for utility, accessories or storage. All the parts of a Parallel modular kitchen are made of fine quality wood, granite, marble or tile which adds the beauty to the look of the kitchen. If there is only one person in the kitchen are great options for them. Now, a day it is become a most likely trends among the people for styles and fine finishes.

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  • By Muskan Ansari
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Home Interior Design Ideas Online

Before heading towards what all home interior design ideas we have in the market, one should know what significance does our Home Interiors play in our life? Interiors give the very first impact on our way of living. The soothing colors, warms lightings, comfortable furniture, attractive appearance make us feel better when we reach home. Interiors are the way to make your lifestyle easy going and comfortable. Interior Designers, portray our taste, life style, and beliefs in our home interiors. In Short Home Interior reflect our personality and hence you should choose wisely which styles suits your personality best.


Interior is the term used to define the internal decoration and look & feel of any house. Home Interior is basically means utilizing the space in the most creative manner. Furniture placement, wall wood works, false ceiling design, flooring designs, internal wall treatments and their decoration (Paints, Paneling, Wall cladding, Wall paper pasting, etc.).

Modern Home Interior Design Ideas


As the term itself explained, modern interior design is the latest theme for house interior. Modern indicates that, the designs have minimal furniture and sleek appearance. Straight Line structure and a fuss free approach to life. Modern Interior Design focuses on industrial materials and block color. Real Modern interior portrays the essence of the clean lines. When you have a simple nature, yet attractive appearance it’s called real modernism. Modern Interior Designs are rooted on simplicity in every aspect of its designs.  


There are some key factors to understand the modern interior, such as reflecting of craftsmanship in glass, concrete and steel. This type of furniture often enjoys their framework and hence left exposed. Minimal try of hiding the things that composes a furniture simply state that they are serving their function, besides the lack of ornamentation and that what matters the most.


Modern Art is one of the essential parts of designing. The relationships of prints, unexpected patterns, and sculpture are more often mixed with bold colors for the better expression.

In modern interior design, designers focus on meeting the most basic requirements and not the luxurious feel. It believes in authenticity and procures the furniture by meeting the necessity.


Modern Interior Design is often used in west, and now day’s people in east also prefer it. It is the most minimalist, eye catchy and easy going interior design style present.

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  • By Paridhi Jain
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Commercial Interior Design Services

The modern society is all about happening places and beautiful infrastructure of various corporate building, restaurant, hotels, banquets and what not. There are various kinds of commercial buildings that are the need of today’s modern era. Each type of commercial building requires a unique and exclusive interior to attract its desired audience. For an instance let us take an example of a restaurant one kind of gathering place for people to have meal and chill out a bit. Restaurant interior should be designed in such a way so that it can reflect the cuisine present in there and the quality & class of the place. It should be soothing and elegant as well. The color combination lighting and other civil works should be done in accordance of the people we are willing to attract.


Likewise restaurants all the other commercial buildings such as, community halls, hotels, gym & yoga center, parlors & spa, corporate offices, shopping complex & malls etc. they all have their special requirements and specification to be fulfilled and this expectations takes birth to the need of a commercial building interior designer who literally understands each and every specifications of commercial interior design services.        

Interior designer is someone who is proficient in understanding all the aspects and cores of the designing process. Interior Designing requires a thorough thinking and creative techniques to get the desired imagination turned into reality. Interior designer have this tendency to make thing work in accordance of the person’s desire and technicality. For corporate interior design services you must hire a professional and experienced interior designer who can fulfill all the requirements in a creative manner. You can surely checkout our commercial designs and you will get a clear picture of what and who you are looking for.              

Interiordesignwala.com has delivered quality interiors for commercial building, reliable, and efficient. You can talk to our experts to know more about commercial interior design. If you really want assistance instantly you can call us at + 91 9990155566 or you can mail your query at care@interiordesignwala.com.


I would love to know if the information provided here about interior design services in Delhi is relevant to you, do let me know your valuable feedback in the comment section down. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates over our services and offers via mail. You can follow us on various social media platforms available. 

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Looking for Aesthetic Interior Ideas?
Here you Go!

Check Our Design Collection

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