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As the summers have knocked on the door, we are looking for solutions to prevent heat. This is also when many of us think of executing the renovations in homes as summer breaks are on! Interior Design Wala presents some very cool stuff to beat the heat this summer. Follow these ideas in any modern bedroom interior design or make simple bedroom designs in heat-prone tropical areas. Let’s have a quick review!

Choice of colours in modern bedroom interior designs where summers last long

Colours are one of the most important parts of any interior. From walls to furniture, it is everywhere. In an expert's view, pastel colours are the best choice for heat-prone areas as they give a cool breezy appeal to the eyes and cut off the heat. There is a scientific factor behind this as move towards light shades, they reflect the sunlight as per their wavelengths of the color spectrum. 

These are pale shades of blue and pink with the softness of white and the vibrance of blue or pink. When used in bedroom interiors, it brings a coolness and breezy affair. The blue colour is often associated with calmness and reliability while pink is associated with love and romance. So couples… get a go with these colours this summer!!

Colour code

Powder Blue- #B0E0E6

Powder Pink-  #FFB2D0.


This colour is known for its relaxing properties. A softer tone of purple, when made a colour of modern bedroom interior designs with an off-white colour, gives a mesmerizing effect. This soft tone gives a silky smooth touch to the room and luxury to the room when combined with a grey colour. Lavender itself has many shades. Interior Design Wala shares hex codes of some of the most trending shades of lavender you can blindfold with, for your bedrooms.

Colour codes

Electric lavender- #F4BBF4

Lavender Blush: #FFF0F5

One of the most consistent colours that is used in modern bedroom walls is mint green. This is also a second form of coral colour that is associated with beautiful blue/green algae and corals from the depths of the ocean. This colour is great if you don’t want to accessorise your bedroom much. Simple highlights of warm lights will do well and be enough with this colour. 

Colour code

Mint Green- #98FB98

Buttercream Yellow

This is the most common colour used in homes for living rooms and bedrooms. The reason behind this is first it makes the space look due to its ultra-light tone and second this colour is very flexible while accessorising your home. Choose any shade of curtains, furniture texture and colour, and floor tilings, this colour blends well with all of them. So buttercream yellow and its shades can be used at home in any season apart from summer too.

Colour code

Buttercream Yellow- #F6EBCD, #FFF0AE

This colour also falls into the category of coral colours. One of the most interesting facts is that peach fuzz is the colour of the year 2024, as chosen by U.S. legend Pentone. This coral colour is inclined towards shades of pink and orange, which are the shades of passion, love, and commitment. The soft tone of these colours gives a smooth transformation in the bedrooms. Do not forget to pair sheer curtains on windows with these colours in your bedroom.

The different colour codes of peach fuzz refer to the intensity of the pink or orange tone you choose for the room.

Colour Code

Peach Fuzz- #FFE1A8, #FFDBB6, #FFCCA2, #FFB797, #FF9D8B

Lights to be used in simple bedroom interior design that soothes your eyes in summer.

Lights to be used in simple bedroom interior design that soothes your eyes in summer.

Lights play a very important role in any room's interiors. This could be understood from the fact that even slight rays of sunlight in the room brighten up the space. However, in interiors, the role of lighting is much more than brightening up the space. The key to lighting a room lies in the layers. These layers enhance the aesthetics of your bedroom as well as serve the multifunctionality of the room

They are the general lights that are used for actual lighting purposes. They are so important that even a simple bedroom interior design is incomplete without these lights. You can call them the main lights that have wide focus areas, that are brighter than the other lights.

If you have a study area adjoined in the bedroom, then these lights are a must for your bedroom. These lights are used in the spaces where we are supposed to do work for long hours. These types of lights include table lamps, long pendant lights etc.

These lights come in various shapes, sizes and light frequencies so that they can add a decorative feature to your accent wall. They don’t have a very wide scope of resolution and that is what makes them special in drawing the attention of the viewer to the places you want. You can add these lights to highlight the head back wall, side wall accessories etc.

These lights have gradually become part of every household and every modern bedroom interior design. They also act as ambient lighting in many places. In the case of bedrooms, these lights can be used on ceiling partitions just above the bed, near the closet area, dressing rooms etc.

These lights are specifically designed to light up the bedside tables. They are generally warm lights or come in dual intensity so that they can be used by late-night book lovers without disturbing anyone else.

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The Last Say

The soaring summer heat waves outside the home do not affect much when you have these super cool and comfy bedroom designs with you. Interior Design Wala has launched its new style theme for the summer of 2024 where you will find soothing, cool and comfortable designs theme that will superimpose the scorching heat of the sun outside. So choose the Interior design wala, choose online designing, where you can easily customise and make your bespoke design that suits your personality and mark footprints of your aura in the room.


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