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Mirrors are a very versatile element if used smartly in home interiors. Many of us as a lame person are limited to its use in dressing areas. However, professional interior designers such as Interior Design Wala suggest versatile uses of mirrors in the home. In this blog, we will talk about how can be used mirrors drawing room interiors designs to create a luxurious and elegant interior. We will also analyse practical and vastu perspectives in detail so that you can use this simple accessory to style your home without any hesitation.

Vastu Perspective

  1. 1. Placement: 

Drawing rooms or common gathering spaces are considered the central point of energy flow, so vastu suggests, placing mirrors in the walls in a north or east direction so that they can reflect positive energy in the home. In the same context, placing mirrors in opposite directions i.e south and west should be avoided.

It is suggested to avoid sharp-edged mirrors as decoration in the drawing room. The size of the mirrors also matters, so the ratio of the mirrors in a room should be proportionate to the room size. If you are using full-length mirrors, please keep note of the dimensions of your drawing room.

  1. 3. Enhancing Natural Light

As vastu science is associated with solar energy and earth’s electromagnetic energy, it emphasises practising designs that enhance the natural light in the room. So if you have drawing room design ideas that promote using a mirror as a decorative piece, it’s good to go from a vastu point of view. 

  1. 4. Avoiding Reflection of Negative Elements

It is believed that mirrors enhance the energy of the image it sees. This phrase is correct ‘psychologically’ too. If the mirror is reflecting a messed up area, the more you will have clutter in mind, the sharp, pointed edges bring abrupt emotions, while a mirror refacing, flowers, a garden, or simply an accent wall, will enhance the positivity in your mind.

  1. 5. Mirrors in the Dining Area

In small homes and flats, drawing rooms contain dining areas, so this space wall can have use of glass. In vastu science placing mirrors in the dining area enhances the prosperity and bond of the residents. 

Practical Perspective

  1. 1. Enhancing Space

If you have a small common space, the use of a mirror wall can be a great drawing room design idea as it will create an illusion of a large space by its reflection and thus bring depth to the room.

2. Increasing Light

One of the best results of using mirrors in drawing rooms is it helps in enhancing light. Thus, this is also a part of sustainable modern drawing room interior design as its smart use in home interiors can save lots of energy.

  1. 3. Decorative Element

With modern innovations, glass which is considered a very fragile material can be used in interior design too. This element can be used either in its original form or acrylic mirrors can be used as their substitute.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to draw attention to a space. In the drawing rooms, they are quite useful in establishing specific focal points. Use them to draw attention to your accent wall, your library, or any other focal point you may have. You may also use them as dividers. 

Smart Ways to Use Oversized Mirrors in YourDrawing Room Interior Design

This drawing room design idea works well for small as well as spacious homes. In small homes, it creates a depth to the room while in large spaces it adds a focal point to the room which highlights the luxury of the drawing room.

  1. 2. As a decorative piece on an accent wall

If large mirrors make you conscious, you can add mirror decorative pieces on your accent wall, with a bright pop colour background. Some of the trending mirror decorative shapes are- round shape, abstract shape and tear-drop shape. Avoid using any sharp-edged mirror decorative in your room.

  1. 3. A complete mirror wall

If you want an exquisite look for your drawing room, you can install a complete mirror wall to style your drawing room. Trust in the interior designer's idea, nothing can be better than a full-length mirror wall in the room for an ultra-luxurious drawing room. This is because it brings great reflection of warm cove lights of your false ceiling which twinkles like stars in your drawing room. 

4. Opposite Windows

Placing mirrors near windows helps create a well-lit drawing room. In modern drawing room designs, this can be a great way to add natural light to the room.

5. Mirror Partitions

People also use mirror partitions in modern drawing room designs. It benefits in two ways, acts as an accessory to the room, and creates a smooth transition barrier in the drawing room.

The Last Say

Mirror, Mirror on the wall! This says from the fantastic fiction Snow White seems to be true to the real life, however we are using it for different contexts. Yes, your mirror on the wall will tell you and your visitors about the luxury of your home. If you are worried about its maintenance and fragility, take the help of experts such as Interior Design Wala, who can bring great design solutions with minimal budget.


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