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Is the Concept of Modern House Interior Designs Fading Away?When we talk about designing our home, what comes to our mind? What colors should we choose, and which design theme to go or? Which curtains to shop for and lots more? The most important among all these is choosing a theme for house interior designs. For the past four decades, western designs have been dominating the industry which was based on the concept of minimalism. It led to sleek, geometrical patterns, a neutral palette of colours and the use of soft tones in most of the houses. But, from the past 4-5 years this trend is making a shift towards new interior design concepts. These concepts have focussed on blending the two basic ideas– the increased functionality of the space and making warm vibrant spaces. In this blog by Interior Design Wala, we will learn about such themes that are continuously getting the love of people due to their fresh ideas rather than repetitive modern designs.

Interesting House Interior Designs That Are Taking Over Modern Designs

1. Choose Clutter Core Theme to Flaunt Your House Interiors

This is the brand new concept in interior designing which outrightly rejects the concept of minimalism. In this theme, the house is designed with maximalism i.e. flaunting the intricate designs, beautiful wall colours, lots of accessories and popping designs. So basically this focuses on making lively house interior designs. This is to be noted that these designs are implemented in such a way that this doesn’t hamper the functionality of the space.

2. Bohemian Theme House for Free Birds

The bohemian theme have the concept of unconventional design themes that make the rooms look eye captivating and ad an element of focussed transition in the house. In a large room interior design it can include a large mural design, full wall art design etc. Use of colourful lights and abstract design art/ wall paintings.

3. Eclectic Theme Out of the Box Designs

The eclectic theme is generally a mixture of designs that don’t necessarily fit with each other. This theme contains a wide variety of designs and ideas. You can choose to bring together various artforms, mixture of colours and varied textile prints on curtains, upholstery to make the pace look more vibrant and colourful.

4. Traditional Indian Theme that has a Love for Colours

This theme bring back the royalty in houses as used to be in the old goldeen era of nobles. In India due to varied cultures, this theme becomes very important in terms of variety in homes. In contrast to modern theme, this include beautiful and intricate design patterns with carvings, mouldings, POP work etc. The bold colours, vintage lamps, royal chandeliers etc  are an important feature in this type of interior theme.

5 Ways to Use Colours Elegantly in Any Room Interior Design

1. Dynamic False Ceiling

If you can bring colours to your false ceiling , this is the most beautiful manner in designing a non modern thematic house. Choose to add colourful POP work, adding glass murals, coloured lightings in the grooves. In this type of wall design always cut the extra brightness of POP colour by adding white to the borders.

2. Curtains to Set Mood

One of the easiest way of adding colours to the your beautiful room interior design is by adding colourful, patterned curtains for your homes. The best part with this is you can eventually make changes in the colours an give a new look to the home everytime in avery budgeted manner.

3. Vibrant Fabric Furniture to Elevate Spaces

If you are choosing the above described theme, the furnitures play a very important role in this. You can play with a themetic fabric furniture for living room or play with, multiple colours in the dining room. Add patterned headdbacks in bedrooms.

4. Painting Vibrant Accent Walls

One of the most important object that bring vibrance and elegance at the same time in homes is the accent walls. These walls bring an aura to the homes when designed by a professional help such as Interior Design Wala.

5. Accessorize with Colourful Accessories

One of the smartest way of adding colour to any house interior design is by choosing colourful accessories and home decors for the space. This can include the decorative items, wall hangings, paintings, and even decorative lights.

The Last Say

As we are living in an era of awakening of subconsciousness, in this era people tend to see their reflections in the house than what is more trending in the day. However, in this choice modern deigns can also make their special place but the this off beat trend is also getting popular and getting reonisiation among creative people specially. In the end, it's clear that the concept of minimalism or the modern  house interior designs are undergoing a transformation, ushering in fresh and eye catching design concepts. If you get mesmerised by the design concepts of these dynamic, eclectic, and bold themes, you are switching over an era of minimalism. These trends offer an exciting departure from conventional minimalism.


Q: What are pop colours in Bohemeian Theme?

Ans: The colours that are fiery, vibrant or have high energy such as, red, yellow, pink, green etc.

Q: What is upholstery furniture?

Ans: This type of furniture means attaching a furniture frame with cushioning, padding and adding textile to the frames.

Q: Which is best interior designer in Noida?

Ans: Interior Design Wala is the best interior designer in Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad for its eed to end execution and serving Pan India with 3D designs.

Q: What does a modern house interior design include?

Ans: The modern house interior design include symmetrical designs, linear/ geometrical patterns and neutral colour pallette.