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People often neglect all the flooring options available in the market and just go for Marble or Tile Flooring, but why, because people are unaware of the fact that there are lots of flooring option available some are well known and the others are not. Flooring is an important part of the house, it contrasts all the four walls and the ceiling therefore it is important to select the best for your house interiors

Different types of flooring have different advantages and disadvantages of their own in terms of, appearance, quality, budget and durability. In general households use, wooden flooring in some areas such as Master Bedroom, Granite in drive ways and path ways, commonly used tiles in bathrooms, and Marble for a lavish look in the living area or the main connecting room where most of the gatherings happen.

Flooring Type 1: Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tiles is one of the most common and durable option of flooring. It is also most commonly used because of their texture, lesser rate of water absorption, aesthetic look and longevity. Vitrified tiles are available in different finishes such as matt, gloss, and anti-slip finishes.  In general they are affordable and can cost you approximately Rs 120-150/sqft with installation. Installation cost can vary as per the location and other factors.

Flooring Type 2: Granite

Granite Stone; is very famous in India and commonly used in driveways, or pathways because of its texture. Granite is kind of a natural stone and comes in various colors and patterns. It is highly durable and stain resistant. Granite gives a sophisticated look to your floor and can enhance the beauty of the whole area. It is easy to use and maintain and only require protection from nailed objects. It is the best flooring type in India and affordable in Cost. Granite installation including the labor can cost you approximately Rs 150 to 200 Rs per sqft and granite will itself cost you approx. 200rs to 1500 rs per sqft.

Flooring Type 3: Marble

Marble is used as flooring in various parts of India very frequently to give the flooring more lavish feel. They can be maintained easily and are available in light colors. They are highly porous and can turn yellow over the time if used low quality stone. They are expensive in cost and give a luxurious feel to the house.

Flooring Type 4: Wooden Flooring

In wooden flooring, people use wooden planks and strips then set them in the floor. They are high maintenance but popular because of its substantial nature. They are available in the market in all natural wooden shades and can enhance the beauty of any kind of interior theme. They are popular now days but comparatively more expensive than other flooring. They are not easily destructible but can create unusual noise when cracked or torn.

Flooring Type 5: Laminate

Laminate flooring are gaining rapid popularity across the globe. Laminates are available in various patterns, textures and colors therefore they are being preferred over other flooring. Comparatively affordable laminates provides a long lasting durability as well, but once damaged it is of no use. It has to be entirely replaced in case damaged as it can’t be fixed or polished again. Laminates also safeguard the floor from stains because of its epic stain resistance capability.  While purchasing laminate do take care of the texture, better to ask for anti-slip finish type.

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