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    Rohan Prasad
  • Location

    Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Square Feet

    Bangalore, Karnataka2
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Pattern Bg


4BHK Triple Storey Bungalow house interior

This 4BHK Triple Storey Bungalow house interior has a built-up area of 4500 square footage. The ground floor has a master bedroom with an attached toilet and dresser, double height living and dining area along a full-height open kitchen. Puja space is located at the extreme northeast corner of the house. The first floor has two spacious bedrooms with an attached toilet & dresser along with a double-height hall. The floor gives a true luxury feel to the entire house as it contains a swimming pool, a house gym, a modern bar concept, and a bedroom with an attached toilet. The interior is based on a modern & luxurious theme. All bedrooms have beautiful color contrast and spacing layouts along with creative wall elements and mirror art. The double-height area is the heart of the entire house. The personalized home theatre is just breathtaking.

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