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    Mr. Arpit Gupta
  • Location

    Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh
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3BHK Spacious Home Interior

Mr. Arpit Gupta is lively person, he enjoys every moment and always enthusiastic, hence, wanted his house interior as charming, bespoken as it can be. Interiordesignwala.com took the part and applied the numerous techniques and creative to make the house a reflection of our client’s nature. Entering to the house you will see the beautiful living room, having 8 sitter sofa set, television cabinet opposing the back wall, gorgeous painting and wall arts placed on each wall and astonishing lighting that is giving spark to the living room. Right ahead is dining area having a huge beautiful dining table in dark brown color going smooth with the walls and lighting. Left to the dining area we have kitchen which simple in look and modular in functionality. We have designed three bedrooms and each has its own spark and beauty. Master bedroom is remarkable in lighting and craft work along with furniture. The other two bedrooms are an example of simplicity with magnificence.

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