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Interiordesignwala.com is the one place where your all aspirations of interior designing are met potently. Here we are ensuring to tie all the aspects of interior designing, project management, technology and creativity all together to give our client’s an effective interior design practice. We are an interior designer and believe in eminence, excellence, perfection and integrity in outlining mesmerizing home interior.

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By choosing Interiordesignwala.com, you’re choosing experience. Interior Design Wala leads with its highly experienced interior designers who are innovative, efficient, and personally monitor every project. So, connect with our experts for a smart commercial space to a small home interior design, we do it all!

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Budget oriented

We undertake extensive studies on space management and material recommendations before recommending them to you, for your home interior design which is why Interior Design Wala is affordable. We employ highly skilled designers who create long-lasting and optimal designs, which are evident in our 3D-rendered images.

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Virtual Reality

Interior Design Wala works on the concept of augmented virtual reality where we give a detailed view of our designs through our 3D rendering services. What else can be better than visualizing a 360-degree view of your interiors before you spend heftily on any interior design companies in India? So choose Interior design wala for online room interiors or workplace interiors. 

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When choosing a designer, we completely understand your concerns and questions. To allay any of your worries, start with a free consultation right now. We will walk you through every step that our team takes to design vibrant interiors for our clients.

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Use Mirrors for a Luxurious Drawing Room Interior Design

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10 Modern Elements for Dining Room Interior Design You Should not Miss

Love! Laugh! and lots of Memories! Our Dining area is a place that witnesses all these emotions. When food comes with the pleasure of an eye-captivating ambience that touches your heart and soul you love to spend more time at the table. This magic can happen only with Interior Design Wala. This online platform has been working for the past 7 years to improve the lifestyles of the common man. This brand has made it real for people who dream of living in an interior-designed home but still lack these services due to the exceptionally high cost of interiors for the common man. In this blog, we will learn in detail about the elements of your dining room. Giving small detailing in these areas one can transform it into a luxurious space.

Signature lights for luxury

The choice of lights can make this place heavenly. You can choose from a vast range of lights i.e pendant style, dining room chandeliers, vintage style lights, wall sconces etc. according to the theme of your dining room. A great false ceiling with stylish lighting is something, very dependable in interior design. At Interior Design Wala, our designers research well on every aspect and then specify everything in their drawings.

Choose your accent wall

These are the signature walls that house members face while enjoying meals. This space needs to be very inviting while planning for your dining room interior design so that it brings a cosy and comfy feeling while sitting together. This place describes how good you are at hosting. You can design this accent wall with quotes, family photos, intricate designs, wallpapers and lots more.

Sheer curtains on windows

If there is any window near the dining area, always give it a very light texture, such as using very sheer curtains to cover them so that it can bring the outdoor connection to the dining room. Avoid obstructing it from any solid partition of colour curtains. Interior design wala covers a wide area of scope in commercial as well as residential spaces as making dining room interior design online, making bedroom designs online and lots more.

Planters are must

Always put planters near the dining area. It can done in many ways depending upon the space, such as covering accent walls with vertical planters and hanging herbs down the table. If the space is small, simply put a small tabletop plant. One can also create an illusion of greenery by playing around large glasses on the windows that face your kitchen garden.

Open dividers

Always remember dividers work for open floor plans so that they can create a little impediment with the seamless transformation of one area from another. These dividers when used smartly can bring great space-saving ideas in small home dining room interior design. There are numerous options for these dividers as wooden partitions, glass partitions, metal sheets, wool wood etc.

Table organisers

While interior designing a house, many designers may lack paying attention to these small details, however, using organisers is an important part of any interior design. In the dining room interior design online image creation by Interior Design Wala, we pay very detailed attention to making this space clutter-free and easy to transition meals while friends and family are sitting for quality time so that you don’t have to run to the kitchen whenever guests come over.

Few high chairs
Adding a few high chairs in the dining room adds volume to the space. You can place these chairs near your bar, beside the peninsula of the kitchen, or simply make a small extended space aligned with the second focus wall, where you can make a foldable table. This will act as a twin-purpose seating area.

Display unit for your collection

Adding a display unit outside the kitchen in the dining area works both ways. It resolves the storage problem of fragile and high-end cutlery while adding aesthetics to the dining area. Display units add a touch of luxury to the dining room interior designs. The sparking glasses and exclusive cutlery boast of its story.

False ceiling

False ceilings are one of the important parts of interiors. If you have a small space always choose a simple and soft-toned ceiling without any bulky design. You can play with different innovative materials to make your large dining area more inviting. Since a large dining area has a wide space to look around, a bold piece of the statement will create a pause in the viewer’s look.

Stunning Seating

Last but not least, the seating in the dining area must be comfortable and unique. After all, comfort comes first before anything else. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to choose furniture, a style that also suits the ambience. Thus in online interior services, we get the benefit of making choices without actually spending hefty on our interiors. Thus, choosing experts such as Interior Design Wala to visualise the dining room interior design online, will help a lot in saving time and money.

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The Last Say

It is said a home is your own reflection. True. For warm and welcoming homes, interior spaces need to be expressive enough to bring the vibes of harmony. An intricately designed dining room contains the story of the house. Thus this place has an extra special space in the hearts of family. To unleash your creativity you can focus on areas such as accent walls, styling of furniture, avoiding cluttered areas etc and get expert advice at Interior Design wala for stunning design solutions.

Q1. Do online interior designs support custom designs?
Yes at Interior Design Wala you can customise your designs.

Q2. Can we use a round table for furnishing a dining room interior design?
As per vastu square and rectangle dining tables are more auspicious than round tables.

Q3. What are the different ways to make a popping accent wall for dining room interior design?
Use 3D wallpapers, and pop designs, add plants, and intriguing quotes, and add a local touch for stunning dining area design.

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How 3D Architectural Visualization is Done for Home Interiors

How 3D architectural rendering is helping in home interiors

With the invention of technology, the interior designing industry has also undergone a revolution. Technologies such as Autocad, 3D rendering, augmented reality, etc. have solved the communication issues between clients and interior designers. These technologies let an individual view his designs on virtual platforms. As the communication improved, it helped in better marketing- as the high-quality images create a great impact on one’s mind. 3D architectural visualization creates space and trust for small companies, as they win the trust of their clients by showcasing to them the desired designs within a budget. In this blog, we will tour how the technology of 3D design works at Interior Design Wala to produce realistic images.

Steps in Creating 3D Visualizations for Home Interiors

Gather Information on Space

This is among one of the most important aspects of an designing. This phase includes reading the minds of the customer and understanding their needs and preferences. Gathering information needs a specialized mind and expertise. This phase covers making a rough blueprint of the design specifications. Generally, it includes human-based interactions but these days various AI tools also cater for this service. Gathering information in the world of information is one of the most significant steps, as your whole further step is based on this information only. So, interior design wala is personally involved in this phase with its best design experts where we receive floor plan details and all specifications of the site in a documented form.

Make 2D Design

Once the designers get basic information about the floor plans, they start to conceptualise it with auto cad designing where all the minute details such as placement of furniture, size of doors/windows, spacing in between walls and windows, length and width of the space, etc. are mentioned by creating blocks. All this is done with the help of software tools, which give very precise and accurate information. In layman's terms, one can understand it as creating a pencil sketch, where all the details are mentioned - as measurements, labelling, fabric/ material used, design element, colours etc. 2D plans are important because they give us every detail and a base for the 3D visualisation of the space.

Create a 3D model of the space

This is one of the most interesting steps in producing 3D floor plan rending images. Turning a block into the whole room needs hands-on experience on software tools as well as a creative mind, to make appealing and interactive images. It is just like a craftsman with a chisel to make desired creatives. This phase is a time-consuming thing as the designer creates the 3D spaces according to the design briefs. Adds his design elements and imagination according to the client's specifications such as wall colours, any curves, arcs, window sizes, room cabinets etc. Thus, this phase is all about converting lines of space into 3D spaces.

Add Theme and furniture

To understand this phase first ask yourself why need accessories in our homes. To have great aesthetics, to match the life standards, and to bring functionality to the home. Adding themes such as modern, traditional, bohemian, classic, western etc including a selection of colours, accessories, wallpapers, and last but not least furniture, this phase is all about bringing life to the space. As empty rooms cannot attract an individual, adding these details illustrates to the layman that he is living reality. Thus it is very important to choose the right accessories, fabric, materials, and lights and align them with the designs.

Add Fine Details

In any design, detailing helps in making stand out from the competitors. The design technology helps in adding details in the space as- kitchen accessories, pooja room essentials, living room curtain falls, a small TV remote, sofa throws, shadows, reflections, lights etc. These elements create a human touch in the designs. These small details make your images speak. These details also include lighting effects. Let’s say which one will you choose a cool breezing and sun-filled room with adorning lights giving all splashes in every corner or a simple flat room which has no shadow, texture etc? So understanding this human tendency, adding details to any design becomes important for any business.

It is a common myth that dark colours do not suit the home aesthetics and make the room look smaller. This is not true in every case. Whites and light colors illustrate a brighter room but only if a room is flawless. These colours have cons too as these colours add a focus on shady areas and rather make your room look grey than bright. A right contrast of dark colours with great artwork and patterns can create mesmerising effects in the interiors. Check out these designs by Interior Design Wala where dark colours add vibrance to the places.

The Last Say

Ultimately, it's critical to remember that technologies like 3D architectural visualization are valuable instruments in the design field. They are a fantastic way to generate leads and grow your business when used properly. The design's dramatic use of textures, patterns, and accessories strengthens the bond between people. In the current world, technology is a blessing since it allows you to work with local builders to design your home and get your favourite interior designs within your budget by utilizing the greatest design knowledge available worldwide. So say goodbye to hefty spent on interiors and choose Interior Design Wala working serving pan India with it’s national and international designs.


Q1. Why 3D architectural visualization is popular these days?
Ans. 3D architectural visualization helps in visualizing your home interior before they are done in real.
Q2. What does CGI refer to in Interior Design?
Ans. It means- computer-generated images of actual spaces rather than geometric representation in 2D.
Q3. From where can we get the best 3D floor plan rendering?
Ans. Interior Design Wala has a specialization in providing online 3D floor plan rendering images in Pan India.
Q4. Can 3D architectural visualization produce a 360-degree view?
Ans. Yes, it is possible to see a 360-degree view of space with 3D visualization.

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