Interior Design Wala is your online interior designer to help you get you house interior done online. Whether you are looking for complete house interior design or looking for just one bedroom to renovate, interior design wala is the right place to get it done. With the help of latest technologies we do provide all design in 3D which helps our clients to look and feel their space before executing it along with detailed working drawing to get it executed what we have design.
At interior design wala, we are a team of creative and experienced interior designer, decorators, Architects and 3d visualisers. While designing any space we specially focus on client taste and budget. Whether you have huge or small budget interior design wala have designs for taste and budget.
Many people living tier 2, tier 3, or tire 4 cites having good interior taste and budget, but don’t have creative interior designers in their cities. Online Interior designing services from interior design wala offers affordable interior designs which match their taste and budget. Interior design wala offer all detailed drawing which will help local contractors to understand and execute same on the site. Interior design wala also provide telephonic / video consultancy during execution whenever it is required.


Final plans and Site photos:

Client needs to provide with his final floor plans
and recent site photos to understand scope and current situation.

steps (1)

Get customized Quote:

After detailed discussion and understanding the scope we will share the quotation with scope of work, offered services, planning schedule, payment terms etc.

steps (1)

Quotation approval and advance payment:

Client need send us approval on quotation and complete financial formalities to start the work.

steps (2)

Theme, taste, requirement and budget:

before starting the designing we will have detailed discussion with client to understand budget, taste, theme etc with the help of sample designs.

steps (5)

3D Designing:

first we will share design in 3D as per discussion and selected theme for review and comments and will follow correction / revision as per comments till client satisfaction.

steps (3)

Working drawings:

once client final the 3D design we will provide working drawings with all necessary details requited for execution.

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Interior Design Wala