Four Season Restaurant

Four Season Restaurant
Project: Four Season Restaurant
Location: Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Scope: Designing and Execution

having 1456sqft fine dining restaurant in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Our clients were very clear about their requirement for this restaurant. They think while good food and good customer service are crucial for return business, the ambiance & Interior of a restaurant is also important. They want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. Restaurant design sets the stage for customer’s dining experience. The space is managed very efficiently and the restaurant colors follow the red neutral color theme of the restaurant. As the color has a calming impact on diners and makes they feel satisfied and comfortable. Colors reflect the restaurant theme, and take forward the brand’s online presence. Based on the theme chosen, lighting could either break or enhance the design. And he want Artificial light also has its place and it adds a lot to restaurant ambiance. We use yellow or golden electric lighting, fireplaces or candles for creating warmth. In cozier spaces, such lighting could create a sense of intimacy. We use chandeliers or modern lighting in big spaces, provided the primary restaurant concept gives away.

Interior Design Wala